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St. Andrew's Building Project Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall Meeting was held on April 13 and April 15 to introduce the Building on Success Capital Campaign for St. Andrew’s High School’s new Performing Arts Wing and sports field. During it, we answered important questions the community had about the project and the changes it will bring to the school. Below is a shortened video of the discussion – we invite you to view it to learn more about the campaign. Here’s what we answered:
  1. How did the school construction project come to be? (00:19)
  2. Why is this project and fundraising campaign being pursued now? (01:19)
  3. What is the financial model the project and campaign are operating under? (03:43)
  4. Have the fundraising asks gone out to the general public? (04:22)
  5. What is the plan for the new sports field? (05:40)
  6. What are some features of the new Performing Arts Wing? (06:41)
  7. What is the projected number of increased enrollment? (08:01)
  8. If the student population increased, will classroom sizes grow? (08:24)
  9. Will more teachers be hired? (09:10)
  10. Where do our students come from and what % are Catholic? (10:01)
  11. Final words (11:23)

Internal Messages from our Adminstration

Building on Success Campaign

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video. Find out what’s happening and how you can support the new Performing Arts Wing and upgrade to the sports field at St. Andrew’s Regional High School. The Building On Success Campaign will help to ensure the success of this project and the diverse education of our students now and well into the future.
Message from Catherine Minvielle, Director of Development of the Diocese of Victoria

Project Details

The Impact of St. Andrew’s Regional High School

“St. Andrew’s is known for its strong commitment to forming the whole person! Now is the time to move our performing arts facility into the school and upgrade our field to ensure we nurture the broad needs of today’s students and create tomorrow’s leaders.”
– Glen Palahicky, Principal

St. Andrew’s Regional High School has been building on success since 1983. Thousands of local and international students have attended St. Andrew’s, benefitting from an education grounded in commitment to God, neighbour and self.

Enrollment has been steadily increasing since 2014, reaching a height of 384 students in 2019. The increase in enrollment in the two elementary schools, combined with these anticipated enhancements to both the Performing Arts program and Sports Field, bodes well to comfortably educate 500 students within the next few years.


  • St. Andrew’s iscertified by the Ministry of Education as a BC independent school, offering programs for grades 8 to 12.
  • It is the only Catholic high school on Vancouver Island.
  • 95% of student are accepted to top Canadian and international post-secondary institutions.
  • 72% of graduating St. Andrew’s students receive scholarships to attend post secondary institutions.
  • St. Andrew’s is considered a school of choice on Vancouver Island.

The Catholic 鶹Ƶ Schools of the Diocese of Victoria is the body that owns and operates four elementary schools and one high school on Vancouver Island.

In early 2000, plans were being developed to ensure that the future needs of Catholic education are realized in the Diocese of Victoria. This included updating current school infrastructures and constructing new buildings to meet projected enrolment, providing safe facilities within modern learning environments.

The Catholic Schools Plan (CPS), first developed in 2009,(reviewed and updated in 2012 and 2016),determined priorities through a comprehensivereview of the Catholic schools in the Greater Victoria area. The goals of the CSP focused on safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable Catholic schools and the original plan continues to guide school building projects today. The Plan has been implemented by the Diocesan Oversight Committee, Diocesan Finance Building Commission, School Board of Directors, and representatives of local school communities. Community engagement through student, staff and parent open houses was an extremely valuable part of the process. The countless hours provided by numerous people were immeasurable and greatly appreciated.

The Catholic Schools Plan is a $20 million plan and has successfully progressed through two of the three phases. Seismic upgrades and an addition have been accomplished at St. Joseph’s Elementary School and a seismic upgrade to the existing structure at St. Patrick’s Elementary School has been completed.

The focus is now on St. Andrew’s Regional High School, the final phase of the Catholic Schools Plan.

St. Andrew’s Regional High School building renewal and seismic upgrades began in 2017. Construction of the new wing began in April 2018 and was completed for the start of the 2019/2020 school year. To date, funding has allowed us to do the following upgrades to St. Andrew’s:
  • 9 new classrooms
  • large new art room
  • food studies lab with six kitchen stations
  • multipurpose gathering space including a food service area
  • a chapel supporting growth of the Catholic faith
  • designated space for international program
  • updated administrative area and main entrance
  • new staff room
  • basketball court
  • seismic safety upgrades
  • new landscaping including outdoorgathering space
  • reconfigured parking
But, this work only takes us as far as the funding we have to date.

Present funding does not include the urgent need for the development of a Performing Arts Wing to replace the current portables

For the entire life of the school, the Performing Arts program has been housed in portables. Bringing this award-winning program into the school would validate the program and increase the students sense of belonging. The sound of music, the thrill of leaping across the stage, the quiet scratching of charcoal on canvas integrates and promotes creativity and helps bring the school to life. Building on success, the Performing Arts Wing is designed as a two-storey structure adjacent to the gym and will include purpose-built drama and music areas as well as a fitness room and new change rooms. The drama classroom will feel just like a stage, giving students the sense of all elements of an authentic performance. The music classroom will be soundproof and spacious. Two small practice rooms will provide opportunity for individual focused development. A loading bay will facilitate ease of transporting instruments.

Another shortfall with current funding – it does not allow for the enhancement of the Sports Field

“It is stressful, chaotic and time consuming to have to travel to another school to practice. Having our own facility makes for an easier transition from practicing to performing.” – Gabrielle, Grade 11 student

Enhanced facilities will create a sense of safety and inclusion, allow for challenging and interesting activities, develop supportive relationships, solicit youth input and provide leadership opportunities.

Maintaining and enhancing the benefits of Catholic education at all levels, is an important priority of the Diocese. To meet these needs the Diocese must have the means to provide funds required for capital improvements to meet projected enrolment and providing safe facilities within modern learning environments.

When fully completed, the new facility brings St. Andrew’s further in the delivery of excellence in Catholic education of the whole person to guide and to gain experience, knowledge, skills and values necessary to respond to life challenges with faith, hope, and love.

Funding to Date to Support This Capital Plan

The projected cost of all capital upgrades within the Catholic Schools Plan, which will serve to meet the needs of Catholic education for future generations, was estimated at $20 million.

Funding for independent schools (such as ICS) differs significantly from public school funding–independent schools receive no capital funding from the BC Ministry of Education for such items as land, buildings, furniture or equipment.In most cases, fundraising through community support, is the main source in acquiring the funding needed.

The phases completed to date to the Catholic Schools Plan have been funded through:

  1. The sale of St. Andrew’s Elementary School property in downtown Victoria
  2. Fiscally responsible operating budgets which include a portion for capital building expenditures the Diocesan Appeal, and
  3. The generosity of donors, specifically a $2.5M gift from the Sisters of St. Ann.

The decision was made in January 2020 by the 鶹Ƶ Board of Directors to commence with a fundraising campaign to raise the remaining $5M to complete the construction at St. Andrew’s Regional High School.


The completion of the Performing Arts Wing and Sports Field at St. Andrews are critical for the continued success of Catholic Education on the Island. Thesepurpose-built learning spaces will transform physical learning environments, with a corresponding positive impact on learning and teaching.

We are asking you to join us with an impactful investment in the future of Catholic education. Please see the attached asset list. Your gift would enable us to move significantly towards realization of a faith based learning environment where everyone has access to, and takes part in, exceptional and enduring experiences in the fine arts and athletic/physical education programs.

Together with the opening of the new classroom wing and the completed Chapel, a Performing Arts Wing and upgrade to the Sports Field will provide the optimal learning environment to educate the whole person.You would be seen as supporting the development of the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and artistic gifts of the students—our future leaders!
Donor Recognition

“I am appealing on behalf of the present and future children who will walk the halls of Saint Andrews Regional High School (SARHS). As we walk with Jesus who is our future and our hope you have an opportunity to provide a legacy gift that will enhance the opportunities for music and the arts at SARHS for years to come. As a former teacher at SARHS I have witnessed the fruits of what happens when we build in love. My former students are entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, nurses and teachers and are witnesses to the Gospel in this world. As Vicar of Education and Evangelization I am deeply passionate about our 鶹Ƶ and hope you will consider a legacy donation to this campaign.”

-Father William Hann

Parent/Staff Correspondence

We welcome the opportunity to customize the specifics as required to create an agreement that fulfils your wishes and allows us to continue to provide a safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable Catholic educational environment for generations to come.
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